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What matters above all is the motivation that governs the use of science and technology, in which ideally heart and mind are united – Dalai Lama


Acquifera is a not-for-profit organization.

Its primary aim is to bring water to all those Third World countries where there are problems related to its lack or scarcity or where there are persistent difficulties in its supply or public health safety concerns.

To achieve this goal, the organization proposes to promote the search for funds to be used for hydrogeological studies carried out using the best and most in-depth technical and scientific methods.

The aim of these studies is the valorization of the environment and in particular the creation of wells through perforations, the captation of water springs, the planning and construction of conveyance structures and other manufactured works for the correct use of the resource; all of this has as its exclusive goal social solidarity.

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Reserch programme

The first step is that of creating a water research programme as direct and pragmatic as possible.


After the technical research is done we work together with the population to carry out the works


Our projects aim is to make sustainable the use of water resources

We work with local partners in order to create sustainable projects.